5 Tips for Choosing Women’s Hiking Boots

Tired of looking for Women’s hiking boots that provide comfort and support, only to find ones that deliver blisters and sore ankles? Here are five tips for choosing women’s hiking boots that will not leave you aching.

1. Decide On A Weight

There are three weights for women’s hiking boots; heavy, medium, and light. Heavyweight boots are, well… heavy. They are also rigid and sturdy, which can mean more support, and more blisters. These are used mostly for longer trips or ones off-trail.

Medium weight boots still offer good support, but with more flexibility. These are great for day hikes or if carrying a large pack.

Light hiking boots are flexible but offer less support. They are great for short hikes with a light pack. Having said that, some people prefer heavy weights for short trips, and others use light weights for longer trips. It is ultimately a personal choice reflecting how much ankle support is needed, balanced with personal comfort.

2. Prepare For Shopping

Shopping for hiking boots is best done in the afternoon since this is the time of day when the feet are the most swollen. This is important because hiking puts more pressure on your feet, especially if you are wearing a pack, and your feet are most likely to swell. It is equally important to bring along the socks you plan to wear since hiking socks are usually thicker than other types.

3. Shop Around

Do not settle for the first pair of boots you try on since each company and each style will fit differently. Try on as many styles as you can, and do not be afraid to go up or down a size since each brand can vary. Go with your instincts, and if they do not feel right for any reason do not purchase them. With so many styles and brands available you can afford to be picky.

4. Choose A Material

Women’s hiking boots come in leather or man-made material. The man-made ones vary in degree of breathability and water resistance. Either choice can be a good one, depending on personal preference. Some like the way leather stretch and support, while others like the moisture-wicking properties of good man-made material.

5. Wear Them Around For A Day Or Two

Once you have taken the boots home put them on and wear them around the house for a day or two. Do not wear them for the first time during a hike, since if there is a problem you want to be able to return or exchange them, and not be stuck wearing them on an entire hiking trip.

Women’s hiking boots are one item that it pays to take the time in finding a good quality pair that is comfortable and will last. Once you have found the perfect pair for your feet, hiking will be more enjoyable and rewarding.

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