5 Most Common Diet and exercise Mistakes

Can’t lose weight? Tried absolutely everything, but still frustrated by fat that won’t shift or worse, more weight packing onto your tummy, hips, and butt despite your best efforts? Frustrated, fragile and reaching stealthily into the larder for a bit of comforting chocolate? Stop right there. Have the strength to put that calming little treat back where you found it and read this – with an open mind.

With a willingness to accept your mistakes. Because you can lose weight and keep it off for life. What’s more, you can be fit and healthy while you are doing it. You have the key; you just haven’t worked out how to use it. Stop bashing your head against the wall and find the door!

If you can admit that the buck stops with you, accept responsibility for your diet and exercise mistakes and move on, then you are on the road to success. These are 5 of the most common diet and exercise mistakes. At the moment you are probably making more than one of them, but don’t realize it, or don’t have the guts to admit it or don’t have the tenacity to get over it. Time to change your attitude.

Diet and exercise mistake #1

5 Common Diet and Exercise Mistakes

Expect weight loss and fitness results immediately. This afternoon, straight after you’ve skipped your hamburger and large fries lunch and replaced it with an apple and low-fat yogurt that you walked all the way to the deli to pick up yourself. If you don’t lose a kilogram or so in the first 3 days, give up. No one can say you didn’t try.

Reality: It took a long time to pile on your excess weight. It’s going to take a long time and a lot of committed discipline to reverse this. Don’t struggle – accept this cold hard fact and get on with losing that unwanted weight. The time will pass and the weight will drop off.

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