5 Most Common Diet and exercise Mistakes

Diet and exercise mistake #2

diet and exercise mistake

Embrace a fad diet out of the latest popular magazine. Something endorsed by someone very famous; they wouldn’t lie to you. Look, it works for Posh Spice – a diet of lettuce and fresh air will work for you too. And it’s so severe you won’t have to keep at it for too long.

Posh Spice, on fairly close inspection, seems to have some surgical aid and personal trainer type involvement to embellish the lettuce and air combination. Her body is part of her business enterprise and she has the money to spend on it. Chances are you are going to have to use your tenacity and dedication rather than your gold plated credit card and impeccable connections in “the industry” to lose weight and keep it off. Stop dreaming; commit yourself to a proven diet and exercise program that you can stick to for life and your erstwhile dream will come true.

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