5 Most Common Diet and exercise Mistakes

Diet and exercise mistake #4

Diet and exercise mistakes

Lose some weight, feel good about it, maybe even buy some new slimline clothes, then go back to eating what made you fat in the first place. Get your exercise locating the TV remote and shuffling off to the kitchen for sustenance.

If you don’t change what you eat and the way you eat it and your exercise regime or lack of it for the term of your natural life, you will be doomed, doomed I tell you (insert manic laughter here). Look, you don’t like being fat and unhealthy. In order to turn this around, you have to be willing and able to make permanent changes to your habits that will be disturbing and difficult at first. Over time, your faithful, long-suffering body will reward you for your excellent decisions by performing at a much-improved level, with a much better physical and mental outlook. Your cunning brain will begin to crave good food if you give it the time to get used to the idea. It’s up to you to take responsibility for permanent change in your life and wait patiently for the rewards.

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