3 Tips for Email Address Look Up

Finding the contact details of a person whom you studied with a decade ago, is not the easiest task on the planet. But with our increasing dependence on the internet and the need to be constantly in touch with people satisfied by social networking sites, it is easier to track down someone you knew a while back. How to find someone’s email address? There are many different methods that can be used for an email address search and to find someone’s contact details. You could opt for a free search on a search engine or lookup an email directory. These methods are convenient and save you a lot of time and effort. In this article, we discuss the different methods that you can use for an email address search.

Email Address Look Up

Search Engines

One of the best and cheapest ways to conduct an email address search is to use an internet search engine like Google. Most people have some account or the other on one of the many services provided by the websites under the Google umbrella. Just type in the person’s name and the word ’email’ against it and more often than not, you will get the correct result for your search and the email you are looking for. Another search engine that may give you highly accurate results is Yahoo, which is still used as the primary search engine for many websites. You can conduct an email address free search on Yahoo as well.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking is not just a trend anymore but a way of life. If you are not on at least one of these popular websites, the chances of your being a social outcast are extremely high. But social ostracism apart, being a member of a social networking site is a great way to find email address. If the person you are looking for has a profile on Facebook, Myspace or LinkedIn, then the chances are that his/her email id will be available to you. You can always send in a friend request to the person in question and if accepted, your email address search will end there.

Email Search Services

If both these methods of conducting an email address search fail, then you can try to trace the id of an email account with the help of an email search service or a free email address finder. Most of these search services require you to provide the first name and surname of the person whose email id you are trying to locate. The more information you have about the person and the more information you can provide the finder, the more accurate the results you get will be. Many of these sites advertise themselves by advertising free email searches. These results tend to give out only half the info and in order to access the entire information, you may need to pay a small fee. Irrespective of which website you use for your email address search, the chances are that you will be using one of the six directories that are used worldwide. These directories are Bigfoot, IAF, InfoSpace, Switchboard, Who-Where and Yahoo.

These are the three main methods to conduct an email address search. It is easier to locate a person if you have a lot of details about them. The lesser the information you can provide, the more difficult it may be to get accurate results. Details that may help you locate someone are where they live, their interests, their educational background, their profession, etc. It is also possible that the person you are trying to locate has registered with a service that notifies people about the change of email address and contact details. If you need to conduct a reverse email lookup, that is, you have a person’s email id and need their contact details, you can avail of services that do the same. Conducting an email address search is extremely easy and takes absolutely no effort on your part, other than the energy exerted in typing.

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