Finding the most profitable niche

If you’re just starting out, it may be tempting to go for one of the more popular website niches. “What niches could they be considering?”. Things like weight loss, or fitness, health issues, home business, and dating. The known “hot” niches, of course. Problem is, there’s plenty of information out there already covering these wildly popular topics and marketing to these niches is ridiculously fierce with the competition.

The only people making appreciable money are the “heavy hitters” who have a lot of marketing money and expertise to throw around.

finding profitable niches

Don’t Fight a Losing Battle.

If you’re content to scrape by with maybe a tiny fraction of the profits that the big guys are making: emphasis on maybe; then marketing within a high-traffic hot niche might be right for you. If not, you would be better off choosing a niche market that you can thrive in. Fortunately, there are hundreds – even thousands – of good niche markets out there. By zeroing in on smaller website niches, and niches-within-niches, you can stake your claim over a specialized topic where there is little competition to slow your progress.

Which Website Niches are Right for You?

You don’t have to choose an unpopular topic in order to make money off of a smaller niche. Instead, you can choose from website niche ideas that focus on topics certain people are passionate about. Your ideal customers could be avid hobbyists for example. Your niche website would draw them in by offering relevant information, interesting news and – most importantly – specific products. Instead of going toe-to-toe with the marketers who have huge marketing funds and great marketing expertise, you can simply go after the good niche markets they ignore and earn exceptional profits for yourself.

Now that we’re on the same page, you’re probably eager to find out which website niches are right for you. First, you should remember the internet is a global marketplace and there’s plenty of money to be made even in the tiniest of markets. In order to give you some website niche ideas to consider, we’re highlighting these seven low competition niche market examples below. Perhaps they will also help inspire good niche market ideas of your own.

7 Low Competition Website Niches

1. Speed Cleaning – Everyone has to clean from time to time. Who wouldn’t like to get the work done quickly and efficiently? There are plenty of speed cleaning related information products out there to sell on a commission basis or you can have one of your own created inexpensively – People are always looking for solutions to problems and new ways of doing things easier or faster.

2. Freshwater Aquariums – When it comes to pets, fish are extremely affordable – and popular – choices. There are many accessories and other products that you can offer to freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. Website niches within this niche market are abundant and waiting to be serviced profitably.

3. Candle Making – Homemade gifts are all the rage these days. They’re not only economical, but they’re unique and special, too. Lots of people are interested in making their own candles – and they are looking for “how to” information, supplies and accessories. This “how to” niche is a surefire winner.

4.Herb Gardening – More and more people are learning to appreciate the benefits of freshly-grown herbs. Herb gardens are easy to set up, and there is a dizzying array of products out there that make it easy to do so. Herb gardening website niches can be a fun, easy idea that is sure to generate a lot of exciting opportunities.

5. Model Trains – Model train enthusiasts are extremely passionate about their hobby. It’s such an expansive topic that there are plenty of untapped website niches within this niche. Whether you focus on a particular brand of model train or on specific accessories, like tracks and figures, you can easily establish yourself in this niche online that’s focused on the world of model trains.

6. Party Planning – People are thirsty for information about throwing the best parties especially the do-it-yourself crowd – and there are hundreds of different products that can help them out. The party planning niche is a natural one, and it’s easy to break into.

7. Ferret Care – Instead of trying to market products for pets like dogs and cats – and competing against hundreds of seasoned marketing professionals – why not focus on a less popular pet, like the ferret? Although fewer people own ferrets, those who do are always looking for information and products related to their pets.

Choosing Website Niches For Yourself

As you can see, zeroing in on the smaller website niches makes for the best niche markets to pursue. The playing field is a lot less crowded, and achieving success is that much easier. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch all of those internet dollars pass you by – invest your time in low-competition website niches and see for yourself how the law of supply and demand is on your side.

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