5 tips to getting the best price on lodging anywhere

Finding a hotel or place to stay is one of the most frustrating things anyone can do. Even if you aren’t looking for the best deal, the choices are overwhelming. As a result of the frustration, huge companies like Travelocity and Expedia are there to take your money for oftentimes sub-standard hotel rooms. Upon arrival, how many times have you kicked yourself for choosing the 3-star lodging instead of the 4-star lodging? Or, maybe you booked a private home in a place like Airbnb and had a horrible customer experience with the owner of the vacation home. Here is how you can get top-notch service from a real company along with the best price possible.

1: Think Locally

Getting the best Lodging

First off, forget the big guys. You never see what the room is like that you’re going to actually stay in and it’s really hard to see how nice a room is based on the classic “beach shot” of the hotel or condo. Get down and dirty and figure out who the local property managers are. They have the vast knowledge that you need about where to stay and what to do. Not only can they help you out with the extra stuff, but they will also usually go the extra mile to please the customer. Remember….these guys are small and trying to grow. Customer service and satisfaction is the name of the game….something you simply won’t get through a large travel portal.

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