7 Most Helpful Tools for a Creative Writing

No matter what goal you pursue with your writing-up, whether you want to write a short story or a novel, you might want to use the following tools in order to succeed. Even though many people assume that the writing process requires a word processor alone, it is far from being so. As a matter of fact, there are a great many resources that will be helpful for any creative writer who wants to meet the deadline and write an essay on time.

It is extremely important to choose an appropriate tool for your assignment, as there is a wide range of aspects to bear in mind when it comes to the writing process.

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Most Helpful Tools for a Creative Writing


  • Sigil. In case you are considering making your eBooks, you should check out this excellent resource. It can be accessed both by the experts and those who are novices in the field of creative writing. It offers a number of useful features, including contents generator, book browser as well as a spell checker. Here, you can type directly in the program, or make eBooks out of HTML files.
  • Evernote. The tool provides efficient writing features, including those needed for novels, screenplays, as well as research papers and essays. Thus, if you don’t know how to conduct research or keep the list of ideas and notes, you should find the right place where you can store them, as you might need any particular piece of information regarding your projects at any time. It is rather convenient for any writer who is working on several projects at a time.
  • FreeMind. Storyboarding is necessary if you want to apply some of your ideas and find out where a specific set of a project is targeted at. Mind mapping, in turn, is an integral element of this idea, as it allows us to riff off ideas and analyzes how things will unfold.
  • Scribus. Sometimes, the complexity of the writing project might be too high, and here you will definitely need a comprehensive layout tool. As a matter of fact, there are different layout tools that you might choose from, however, this one is an extremely efficient alternative you can enjoy free of charge.
  • LibreOffice Writer. The tool suits perfectly the requirements of every writer. It goes without saying that the use of a word processor is the basis for any writing process, thus, you can take advantage of a free LibreOffice. The tool involves a set of essential writing features, specifically autocorrect and the tool needed for creating contents table, just to name a few. In addition, the documents created here are compatible with other similar processors like Microsoft Word, which means that you will be able to share them with the users of other software as well.
  • GanttProject. Meeting deadlines is one of the major aspects of a successful writing career. Here, you should consider using GranttProject. This will help to follow the deadline appropriately, which is particularly important for those who work on several projects simultaneously.
  • PagePlus suits those who do not need the advanced features of word processors but simply want to operate a typical word processor without excessive features.

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