8 Home Decorating ideas you Must Try

First of all, there really aren’t any rules. That is, if you go slightly wrong or experiment a bit, there is no harm. The neighbors might talk if you have painted the whole house orange, and the authorities might object to a fire hazard. But most of us aren’t in danger of these extremes. What we want are a few basic guidelines for tasteful and inexpensive decorating. Here are a few we think are helpful, plus a few common assumptions we’d like to challenge.

1. Work to create a pleasing ambiance

Home Decorating ideas

Your overall decorating goals should include creating an ambiance that pleases all the senses. A home is a place where we know we are protected and loved. It is a ‘trauma center’ where hurt people can get well. It is a place where freedom rings. The occupants don’t have to be shaped with the same cookie cutter. Each person is encouraged to grow in his or her own direction in life. In this place called home, we can cry when we are sad and laugh with shouts of joy when we have victories.

Soothing sounds, intoxicating aromas, sumptuous textures – all these add immeasurably to the overall sense of a beautifully decorated home. A comfortable home wants a person to say, “I’m so glad to be home. This is where I can relax, recreate and recharge my battery for tomorrow.”

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