How to determine your skin type

There are generally 4 different types of skin: normal, dry, oily & sensitive. It is also not uncommon for some people to have a combination of skin types. Do you know what is your skin type?

Your skin type can change depending on how you care for it and what kind of environment you live in. Cleaning products, the makeup you use and the type of diet you consume also make a difference.

Your skin type can vary due to other factors such as how much oil or lipid content it contains and how much water content there is. The number of lipids in the skin will determine how soft it feels. The amount of water will determine comfort and elasticity.

What are the different skin types and their characteristics?

Dry Skin Type

Dry Skin Type


The dry skin type can easily crack or peel, become itchy, produce rashes, and otherwise become inflamed or easily irritated. For people with dry skin, it is usually the backs of their hands, arms, and legs which will be the first areas to suffer. These areas will suffer from cracking, peeling, and other painful conditions. A dry skin type is characterized by the following factors.

  • lower elasticity
  • pores which are barely visible
  • possibly a rougher more rugged complexion
  • lines which are more prominent
  • skin which at times may produce red patches

Dry skin may be caused by several factors, such as genetic factors, a person’s age, and hormonal imbalances. Other factors are product-related, such as allergies from soaps, deodorants, medications, and makeup products. Exposure to extreme heat, cold, wind, or sunlight for long periods of time can also cause dry skin.

If you have this type of skin, you should consider using some type of a moisturizing product to prevent damage. It also helps to take less time in the shower, use organic soap, organic deodorants and other natural products.

A good rule-of-thumb is that the simpler the ingredients are, the more likely it is to be beneficial. Some products are specifically created for you if you have this type of skin.

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