4 kids bedrooms decoration Ideas

#3 Decorating ideas kids bedrooms –

Kids bedrooms should be a comfortable place where they enjoy spending time, doing homework, listening to music, playing or simply hanging out.

As for bedroom colors, kids tend to enjoy bright red, green, yellow, pink, purple… which are high-energy and bold colors. If your kid selects a color that nobody likes – try to compromise by using it with easy-to-change accents. The use of lighter color wallpaper or glossy paint will make the wall surfaces shine and reflect light – and will brighten the room.

For example, if your child likes red – paint the wall white or off white and buy red curtains, red/pink bedding, colorful pillows, lampshades, storage bins and perhaps a red area rug. Wallpaper and wall borders are also good choices for kids rooms, and you can get your children involved with the work and in choosing the style.

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