10 Must Have Medical Tests For EveryOne

They say “prevention is better than cure” and it holds true in every aspect of life. It is always better to control a situation rather than wait to respond to it after it happens. Medical practitioners are of the opinion that putting yourself through a few tests at least once in 2-3 years and every year after you turn 50 is important and essential as well. With the kind of hectic lifestyle that we follow and the way we abuse our digestive system by eating all junk and that too irregularly, we expose ourselves to a number of problems. So, before the situation goes out of control, it is better we get it diagnosed and treated immediately. Listed below are the top 10 must have medical tests.

Top 10 Must Have Medical Tests

1. Hearing and Vision Test

Sight and hearing are the most important sensory organs of all five senses we possess. It is the age of computers and televisions, video games and consoles. These activities, if improperly indulged in, can affect the eyes to a greater extent. Therefore frequent vision screenings are essential. Children, as well as adults, are recommended to take eye examinations after regular intervals. These tests are also important for those who work in jobs that require acute vision.

Hearing loss is a very common and widespread disorder, therefore frequent checks to know that everything is right are important. Research showed 30% of the people above the age of 50 experience hearing loss which makes hearing screening once in every 4-5 years necessary.

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