10 Mistakes to Avoid in Website Designing

Here are the top 10 mistakes thousands of people make when designing a website.

(1) Spelling and Grammar Mistakes: That’s right, the dreadful spelling and grammar. We all make mistakes on this so just make sure you spell check and proofread before going live.

(2) Flash, Java, Shockwave: Yes, these are awesome and make your website look fabulous but more websites tend to overdo it by a lot. Disadvantages are as follows:

Wait Time: The more flash, java, shockwave you use, the longer your potential clients have to wait to view the page.

Search Engine Optimizing: Although search engines are getting better at this, Flash and others still pose a problem when search engines are trying to read the content inside of them.

(3) Background Music: I consider this one to be the worst of them all. Nothing like listening to the same 30-second loop when you’re trying to research/read a web page. You’d be surprised how fast people will leave your site because of it.

(4) Font / Text: Using awesome looking font and bright colors may look cool but make sure it’s readable. Nothing is worse than putting your face 3 inches from the monitor trying to make out the words.

(5) Title Tags: I have come across so many websites that every page is titled “Untitled Document”. For the user’s sake, title your pages so we know what it’s about and for SEO purposes. You will rank much higher in the listings if you know how to use this properly Hint: put your keyword at the front of your title, example: Tulsa Website Design.

(6) Not Being User-Friendly: Another biggie is users can’t navigate through your site easily they will leave. Make sure your navigational links are clearly marked as to what they are and where they go along with all the other links in your site.

(7) Non-Scannable Text: This kind of goes along with #4 but make sure you don’t make giant walls of text. Make sure it’s broken up. Subheadings, bullet lists, short paragraphs, etc.

(8) Advertisements: Be careful with advertisements on your website. If you have to many, or in the wrong places people will not stick around. Nobody wants to see advertisements popping up all over when they are trying to read something.

(9) Answering user questions: If your website has the ability for users to ask questions/comment then make sure you answer them promptly. No matter how great your website is if people are asking you important questions and you don’t answer the bad reviews will start flowing in.

(10) Opening of new browser windows: This is not bad if you are taking your user to a different website. If your are staying within your own website there should be no need for windows to be popping up all over.

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