6 Tips to Save Money On Traveling

4. Eat smart

save money traveling

The cost of food usually seems to be under-budgeted or even neglected. It is actually one of the biggest expenses of your entire trip because every little hot dog or ice cream adds up and accumulates very quickly. However, it is easy to plan ahead to save on food. Here are a couple of ways:

If there is a dinning plan available, take advantage of it. You can save a lot on prepaid dining plans, and you won’t need to drive around looking for places to eat. However, please keep in mind that you won’t have a lot of choices with the prepaid dining plan, and sometimes you might feel stuck with it. If you buy a dining plan, make sure to use all of it instead of getting tired of it and ending up spending more on other food. That would defeat the purpose.

Another way to save is to buy dining coupons in advance from the local ad websites or auction websites. Coupons like “2-for-1” or “buy-1-get-1-free” are usually available for destinations like Las Vegas or the Bahamas. Using coupons will not lower your class. Don’t be embarrassed to use them. There are also websites that sell restaurants’ discounted gift certificates, which are good to use within 12 months. I have purchased some $25 gift certificates for as low as $3, or $50 certificates for $5. These coupons and/or discounted gift certificates can easily cut down half of your cost of food. The only disadvantage/inconvenience of this way of savings is that you’ll need a car or a mean of transportation to get to those restaurants that accept coupons or gift certificates. It is important that you buy the coupons/gift certificates for the restaurants near your destination because driving too far would defeat the purpose as well, as gasoline is expensive nowadays. You can Buy themed park coupons, show ticket coupons, parking coupons… from the local ad websites or auction websites.

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