6 Tips to Save Money On Traveling

5. Take a little risk

traveling save money tips

Some travel booking websites offer very low rates on airfares, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. However, the condition is they keep the details in secret until you’ve paid. You can provide the criteria (date, time, location/destination, # of people, star-rating, car size, or even price, etc.). They will keep their promise to provide the quality of goods/services that meet your criteria. If you agree and pay, they will book your trip at the lowest rate you won’t find elsewhere, and reveal the details of your booking. So you don’t know which airline you’re flying, which hotel you’re staying, or which rental car company you’re renting, but you can rest assured you will get what you want at a very low cost. As long as you will get the same quality of goods/services, you won’t lose anything but gain a lot of savings. This is not a risk, it’s a mystery, and some people find it fun.

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