4 Steps Plan to Balanced Life

Do you have a life plan or a list of your goals and dreams? Setting priorities is key to having a balanced life. Without priorities, it is all too easy to find yourself off course, heading in a direction you hadn’t planned or intended. Establishing priorities is the first step in turning your dreams into realities and leading a balanced life.

#1 – Set and Keep Your Priorities

4 steps plan to balanced life

Where you are going in life is determined by your priorities. The goals you set and the dreams you have are the results of your priorities. After all, what value are goals and dreams without priorities? Priorities are the guardrails that keep you on the road of life, especially when circumstances are difficult, people are icy, and opportunities are cloudy.

Priorities work to protect you, direct you, and inspire you. Priorities are to be set and then kept. What you choose to do, you will make time to do – so it is with priorities. When you know what your priorities are and stick to them, your day suddenly has enough time to do what is important to you. The obvious challenge is keeping these priorities balanced, which often requires juggling. Remember, not all priorities are equal.

The secret to priorities is in keeping them. For my personal priorities to become a reality, I have found that I must do the following:

1. Write down my priorities. 2. Decide and commit to keeping them. 3. Post them in highly visible places as reminders. 4. Start with a small action that reinforces my priorities on a daily basis. 5. Create a visible checklist or tracking system.

I continually concentrate on the benefits of my priorities, and I review them regularly and honestly to see if I am still on target. Priorities are, in effect, habits. Although it may take some time for them to be established in your conscious and subconscious mind, action naturally follows.

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