4 Steps Plan to Balanced Life

#3 – Define your philosophy for living

Define your philosophy for living

Having a reason for what you do is half the battle for getting something done. Without planning, goals, and purposes get pushed aside by circumstances and schedules. My philosophy for living ties into my goal setting nature, but could just as easily apply to someone else’s temperament.

Below is my five-point life philosophy.

1. I have a positive attitude. 2. I do not worry. 3. I experience peace and contentment. 4. I have the strength and power to achieve. 5. I practice stewardship.

Consider this: what we accomplish in life is 12.5 percent education and skills, plus 87.5 percent attitude and the ability to communicate. The power of a positive attitude is unlimited. I have a positive attitude and was taught that the glass is half full, not half empty. In fact, I’ve expanded that concept further. I choose to see the glass full, even if it isn’t, and I focus on making it overflow.

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