Appealing To Your Target Audience Online

To date there are over 1.7 billion websites online and while there are only approximately  200million active, that is still a huge amount of competition you are dealing with online. Even if your business is targeted at a specific niche, there is still going to be global, national and potentially local competition depending on your services.

To improve your visibility online and rank with and higher than your competitors in search engines you are going to need to plan an effective marketing strategy that appeals to your target audience. This can be achieved partly, by researching into queries your audience are potentially searching around that can be solved or supported by your services or products and providing engaging and informative resources that answer their question.

Target Audience Online

But first, you will need to identify your audience.

Defining Your Target Audience

Your services and products may be available to everyone but trying to sell to everyone can quickly result in selling to no-one so it’s important to define your target audience early on in your strategy. With a target audience defined it becomes easier to convey your underlying message and keep it consistent using the language that helps you build meaningful customer relationships.

To define your target audience, ask yourself;

  • Is there a defined age range
  • Does your product/service target a location
  • Will income or employment affect the need for your service/product
  • Will the job type influence a need
  • Are your products/service influenced by personal interests

The more of these personality and demographic questions you can answer about who you think would benefit from your service, the more refined you can make your audience. Once you’ve managed to answer some of these questions you can then start to build detailed customer personas that make it easier to identify with your target audience and aim to fulfil their needs.

Meeting the Needs of your Audience

Target Audience Online

With your customer personas created, you should have a handful of individuals with some loose backgrounds, personalities and potentially an overview of what their day-to-day routine is like. This information can be used to identify what your audience’s problems and issues are going to be and help you tailor your USPs (unique selling proposition) accordingly. Then using tools such as Quora, AnswerThePublic, and also asked, it’s simple to find topics and related search terms that you can provide experienced information on.

For example, if you are a charity fundraising for Ramadan, you would provide resources around the history and celebrations of Ramadan, events in your local area and facilities for visitors to make donations. By finding the questions your audience is searching for you can build these topics into your content plan, answering their queries and writing relevant content they might also find engaging. An example would be getting a visitor on your website by providing information around fasting exemptions and keeping them browsing by providing further content on Ramadan Iftar recipes.

Appealing To Your Audience

After implementing strategies that improve your visibility, once you’ve got your audience onto the website, you need to appeal to their needs to turn a visitor into a conversion. Emotional appeals work most effectively and can be achieved by providing case studies and testimonials that offer direct customer feedback.

Customer service is a key part of appealing to your target audience and methods of communication should be easy to reach wherever they are on the website, including live chat where possible and links out to social media accounts. If your company or brand works to support society or good causes then this should be included along with your brand values allowing your audience to ensure your values align with their own.

Most importantly, your website should be easy to use with no interruption to user flow and optimised for use across different devices. Time is a high-in-demand, finite resource for your audience and if they have to wait for your website to load then they are going to try your next competitor instead.

Businesses are reliant on loyal customers and audiences more than ever and by putting your target audience at the heart of every strategic decision you can be assured you will attract the right type of visitor to your website.

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