10 Things You Need To Know Before You Get a Tattoo Removed

If you are reading this article, you’re probably in that awkward tattoo regret phase, and we DEFINITELY feel your pain! Before you make the final decision to get that unloved tattoo removed, we have created a list so you can learn from the mistakes of others! Here are some of the most helpful, must-know tips to read before you under the laser. With further adieu, let’s take a look.

1. Manage Your Expectations

tattoo removal tips

Before you go under the laser, understand this: no tattoo removal is guaranteed. Be sure to set your expectations by speaking with a laser tattoo removal expert – or two. Some tattoos can partially fade after several treatments and may leave a ‘ghost’ image of your tattoo, as well as permanent raised scarring. So you have to yourself one question: would you rather do a cover-up or be left with a ‘ghost image’ or raised scarring?

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