10 Things You Need To Know Before You Get a Tattoo Removed

2. One Treatment Won’t Be Enough

tattoo removal technique

You’ve probably already worked this out by now, but multiple treatments will be required and unfortunately, the number of sessions isn’t something that can be worked out during your consultation meeting. Be wary of your doctor giving a standard 6-to-10-treatment answer, because on average, the number of treatments actually needed is often significantly higher. Furthermore, intervals between treatments are also a key factor. Obviously you want to remove that unwanted tattoo as soon as possible, but treating it again too soon can increase the side effects like open wounds and skin irritation. The average time between your sessions is about 4 to 6 weeks, but others may differ to the average. In some instances, 8 weeks is the recommended minimum time to go before your next treatment. Furthermore, it might be longer for patients who are experiencing textual changes and other side effects.

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