8 Sure-Fire Tips for Younger Looking Skin

It’s unbelievable how we go at great lengths to achieve immaculately youthful skin: the expensive creams, the regular beauty clinic visits, age-defying skin treatments. We’ve all heard the promising effects of those costly night creams, but the fact is it even the most expensive creams in the world won’t work if we don’t maintain enough sleep and good lifestyle habits to achieve younger skin naturally.

In an age where synthetic treatments tend to be expensive and have long-term hazards on the skin, all-natural or herbal is the way to go. Here we will explore proven ways on how you can have that coveted younger skin naturally.

1. Sleep Sufficiently and Properly Positioned

tips for younger skin

Sleep is essential for achieving younger skin naturally, since growth hormone – which enables the cells to repair and regenerate – only functions when the body is at rest. An optimum 7 to 8 hour-sleep is recommended because every 2 to 3 hours starting at 8 pm, the body performs special repair functions: hydration, regeneration, and resting. Inadequate sleep causes the blood vessels to constrict, so nutrients hardly reach the skin, making it look lifeless.

Sleep positions also contribute to wrinkling. Sleeping face down puts pressure on the blood vessels on the face, thus preventing fluid from distributing equally over the face. The result: puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles in the long-term.

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