Top 10 Travel Destinations in Thailand

There are a hundred different places where you can go to in Thailand. From the stunning North with its moderate climate to the greenish-blue waters and picturesque beaches in the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. Here I’ll show you some of the most favored destinations in Thailand.

Fifty years ago Pattaya was a quiet fisher town on the Gulf of Thailand. Nowadays Pattaya has become the most popular ocean-side resort in South-East Asia. This way you’ll find in Pattaya really everything that you can think about. More than 300 hotels from cheap hotels in Pattaya to first-class luxury hotels, more than one thousand restaurant that will serve you meals from all over the world, the best seafood restaurants you’ve ever tasted, really an unbelievable number of leisure and sports activities, 18 golf courses all very close, a huge number of markets and shopping malls and a uncomparable nightlife scene you’ve never seen before.

1. Pattaya


No matter if you want to stay in Pattaya on your own, as a couple, a family, or part of a group, Pattaya is the beach resort with it all. If you consider going there, I can guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable vacation in Pattaya.

Things to do in Pattaya

  • Thailand’s largest Sea Resort
  • Beach Resort with city status
  • Pattaya has everything for everyone
  • Pattaya provides an incredible choice of accommodation
  • A huge variety of affordable restaurants
  • Excellent Seafood restaurants at affordable prices
  • Lots of sports and outdoor activities
  • A nightlife scene you’ve never seen before
  • A huge shopping paradise
  • Attractions in and outside Pattaya

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