Top 10 Travel Destinations in Thailand

5. Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a marine national park is getting a notice from the locals as well as the tourists. This island paradise is considered the last untouched paradise in Southeast Asia because much of the island is untouched and remains all-natural free from the exploration and booming construction that many of the other islands in Thailand. Koh Chang is the second island next to Phuket, though the reason why it remains forgotten lies mainly of the reason that it is a protected area and much of the marine park (75%) in this island is under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Department of Thailand. You will not find many infrastructures here and modernization is just about coming to the island.

The island is a wonderful work of nature and the moment you step into the island, you will feel like stepping into a dream paradise. The beautiful beaches, coves, and bays are too magnificent for description and many first time visitors are captivated by its natural beauty and wonders that many have to come back for more. The rainforest is competing with the wonders of the sea and the beach and many remains an untracked jungle waiting for your exploration and conquest. The waterfalls are as mesmerizing and feel like an enchantment from another world and beautiful coral reefs, crystal blue sea is just one of the main attractions of Koh Chang Marine National Park. If you have the time for vacation and you want to discover something unique and untouched by modernization, Koh Chang is the place to go.

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