Top 10 Travel Destinations in Thailand

6. Krabi


Krabi is an island territory of Thailand and has a beautiful coastline and offshore islands. If you have seen the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo di Carpio, this is where its located-beautiful isn’t it? Yes! Krabi boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world including Phi Phi Island (The Beach), Poda Island, Tub Island, Phra Nang Bay, Railay Peninsula, and Hong Island. These beaches are postcard pictures and truly perfect in beauty with unspoiled nature and lust forest and limestone cliffs and numerous coconut trees make these islands a paradise. Some of the beaches are inaccessible by road and the best way to go island hopping is by hiring a boat from Ao Nang beach.

From Hong Island, you can see enclosed lagoon with beautiful turquoise and tranquil water, perfect for relaxing and meditation. If you want to escape away from it all, Hong Island is the best place to go. The island has shallow coral reefs and smooth white sandy beaches perfect for snorkeling and appreciating the underwater beauty, this is truly a desert island paradise. There are about 132 islands you can visit in Krabi and one visit is not enough to take in the whole mesmerizing and captivating beauty of the islands, you have to go back again and again and the island will remain to leave you in awe every time. There are many accommodations in Krabi from cheap to the most exclusive and the most expensive to suit everyone’s lifestyle and all you need is a shop for rates and prices and book your flight.

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