Top 10 Travel Destinations in Thailand

9. Cha-Am


If you want to enjoy the beach and golf course and Bangkok shopping all in one vacation holiday – Cha-Am is the place for your consideration. Located 160 km south of Bangkok and is about 2 hours drive, this beach resort is famous as the longest white sand beach, although lesser known than Hua Hin this town offers relaxation and golf courses at par with the best of the world and you can enjoy the most affordable golf fees as well super quality customer service and friendly staff. Shopping at Cha-am is limited although the nearby Hua Hin can be reached in about 20 minutes that provide more shopping, restaurant and bar choices.

Accommodations at Cha-Am can be both affordable and expensive depending on your preference. There are many cheap motels and affordable vacation packages for thrift travelers and there are world class hotels for those who like to enjoy the best like Dusit Resort and Polo Club as well as Regent Cha Am, Golden Sands Resort and Springfield Resort to name a few. While in Cha-Am, you can take the chance to visit the summer palace Phra Ratchaniwet Marukhathawayawan which is open to the public from 9 am to 4.30 in the afternoon. The beaches at Cha-Am also boast of white sand and crystal clear water and the perfect temperature for swimming and other beach activities. So the next time you are looking to combine all the three activities in your next vacation, go to Cha-Am and experience Thai generosity and hospitality and their authentic Thai cuisine.

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