6 Travel Photography Tips in India

5. Taj Mahal Pre-Dawn

Taj Mahal Pre-Dawn

The last time I went to the Taj, I did a big-day-out from our Delhi base, leaving pre-dawn from a hotel and back by late evening, fitting in the Agra Fort as well as the Taj. To be honest, this really didn’t do it for me, compared to the previous times I went when staying in Agra itself. When we’d stayed in Agra, we’d gone to see the Taj multiple times, to take advantage of the change in light. It really does show up as different colors at different times of the day, especially in photos. My pick is going in winter and being there before sunrise when the Taj glows a magnificent blue. My favorite pic is one of the turrets at the back of the Taj, by the river, with the moon setting in the sky beside it. I love this shot, even though it’s a bit blurry (I was shaking with cold). If you do go before sunrise, my travel tip (wish I knew this one before I went) is to take some nice thick socks with you. To avoid damaging the Taj Mahal, you must remove your shoes outside, however, the floors are made of marble and the cold goes straight through your feet you in winter.

Just a note on going multiple times though. It used to be much cheaper to do so, there was a deal where you could go more than once. Now though, the price for foreigners has gone up considerably and so multiple entries are not as affordable. Plus you have accommodation costs rather than the day trip. But if you want some awesome shots, there really is no better time than pre-dawn.

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