7 Reason you should start Web Proxy Business

1. Quick Start

It usually takes a lot of time to build your first Internet business. For example, if you start with Blogs, you need to write a lot of content. But if you are not a professional writer, this process is kind of a pain. I remember it took me almost 2 days to finish my first blog post containing only 500 words. Moreover, you need to work on many other things such as market study, keywords research, email opt-in, mini-courses, affiliate products, sales letters… So it is very time-consuming.

On the other side, if you are building a functional site to provide some services, and you want to become next Facebook or YouTube, there are even more tasks to do. Speaking from my programmer background, I know it is a very labor-intensive process. Especially when you work by yourself, you may spend months doing the system analysis, design, coding, testing, and deployment. While you don’t know if your application would sell or not.

Unlike those conventional ways, you could start your proxy business much faster. We are talking about literally 1-2 weeks. In the beginning, you just need to find a hosting and install a proxy script. With a little customization, your proxy server is done. If you promote it properly, you would see some immediate traffic coming.

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2. Easy to Learn

Unless you are already an expert, to enter any niche market, your first job is to learn. You need know not only the bolts and nuts of your selected field but also the things like how to write killer content, build your website, customize site layout, install various tools, conduct search engine optimization, create email newsletters… So you may encounter many steep learning curves. Moreover, because you try to grab everything at the same time, you would often feel overwhelmed.

On the contrary, proxy business is relatively easier. A typical proxy site only contains two main pages: a Landing Page for people to type the URL and a Proxified Page to show the results. And you just need to know how to install a proxy script and do some customization around it. After that, you need to study things like domain registration, site hosting, and ad network. But in general, the amount of learning required is much less compare to other Internet businesses.

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3. Less Expensive

People may say you can start an Internet business for free. Actually it is NOT true. If you really want to become a professional Blogger or Internet Marketer, you need to first invest some money to learn it. Those top-quality courses like Blog Mastermind or Niche Marketing Classroom may cost you anywhere from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. But they are really worth it because you would know the rules and secrets of those Internet business.

4. Auto-Pilot

It is a big one! Beyond money, you want to get some freedom or control from your internet business. For example, escape from your 9-5 job, or take a long vacation. However, many business systems are actually creating another big job for you. Like Blogging, you have to write fresh compelling contents almost every day, while like E-commerce, you have to fulfill the orders and arrange the shipments 7 days a week. In essence, you are trapped by your business.

While a proxy business can be running on a literally auto-pilot mode. A well-built and well-promoted proxy site requires very minimum maintenance effort. You may only need to track the site performance and fine-tune the ad placements once a week. Those can be done within 1 hour.

5. Duplication

The secret to maximizing your income in any business is to duplicate your success! A local restaurant may make 100K per year while a franchise like McDonald’s generates billions of dollars. However, for many people, it is not easy to start over a new website and achieve the same level of traffic and income. For example, you already have a successful affiliate site about weight loss, now you want to start something close to it, like cooking or food. You still have to go through the whole process again to conduct market research, define topics, build content, develop products, and send newsletters. It may be easier for the second time but still, need a lot of work.

6. Real Money

So how much money can you expect from proxy business? It depends. When proxy business just started several years ago, some gurus claimed to make 6 figure income for less than a year. However, just like any other business, with more people to join, the competition is much higher now. You might expect to make anywhere from $300 to $3,000 a month. It may not sound like a big amount. But think about how much time and effort you put, your hourly rate is actually not bad at all.

Moreover, you can still keep your current job and work on the proxy part-time. Imagine what you could do with this one thousand extra dollars every month? Buying a new car, taking a vacation, or having a decent dinner at a fancy restaurant?

7. Stepping Stone to Other Business

This one is actually very important! It is not an easy job to run a successful business. There are so many things you need to learn, practice, and reflect. A lot of people failed because they either chose a wrong business or lost momentum along the road. To me, the Internet is huge and it has almost unlimited business opportunities. However, as a beginner, you need to start with the low-hanging fruit. You need to learn a lot from proxy business, including site optimization, server configuration, traffic building, ad network, and site promotion. In fact, all of those can be applied to other businesses as well. And the most important is, you will get a Sense of Internet business. This might be your big stepping stone to achieve more success online.

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